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Following his summer cover for Belinda, Dr Andrew Knight is joining the team at Passion Chiropractic. He brings more than 23 years of clinical chiropractic experience from various clinics around Australia. Dr Andrew will be working on Wednesday 2-6pm and […]

Discover the benefits of myotherapy and what issues it can help treat in this short video from our myotherapist Nadia Gargano. Discover how myotherapy treatments can help resolve pain problems such as headaches, sports injuries, back pain, knee problems, pre […]

Nadia Gargano has joined the team at Passion Chiropractic in Elwood and will offer a full range of myotherapy services. Nadia brings more than seven years experience to the table and people will love her level of care and professionalism. […]

Great memories are made on vacations, but unfortunately the memories of painful necks from poor pillows and no sleep from dodgy beds also stick with us. This year, don’t hold yourself back; keep yourself in alignment so you can enjoy […]

Vitamins are not all the same, it is the classic saying ‘you get what you pay for!’ It is easy to be persuaded by a bargain, why pay $45 for 60 vitamin tablets when I can pay $20 for 120? […]

I will often get asked about rest and how to get a better nights sleep. I usually ask people to bring their pillow in so we can take a look at how supportive it is of their neck. Sleep is […]