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What is lymphatic drainage?

September 17, 2014

Find out in this video with our lymphatic drainage specialist what lymphatic drainage is, and the benefits you will receive from having it done. Lymphatic drainage is the gentle pushing of fluid around your system to help remove toxins and […]

We are what we eat, but what about what we drink? Did you know that our body is made up of 70 percent water? So with that logic, we are what we drink! Therefore it is important to hydrate your […]

Vitamins are not all the same, it is the classic saying ‘you get what you pay for!’ It is easy to be persuaded by a bargain, why pay $45 for 60 vitamin tablets when I can pay $20 for 120? […]

A new Remedial Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Specialist called Sonny Shoduri will be working at Passion Chiropractic on Monday, Friday and Saturday mornings to begin with. He is a fantastic therapist with many years experience. Sonny is a remedial massage and […]

I will often get asked about rest and how to get a better nights sleep. I usually ask people to bring their pillow in so we can take a look at how supportive it is of their neck. Sleep is […]

After proving extremely popular last year, Lana from the Belly Firm will be with us again on a monthly basis in 2014. You need to book fast because her first Belly Firm session has completely booked out. Here are the […]