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Happy, healthy babies make life fun.

At Passion Chiropractic we use extremely gentle techniques on bubs, like softly touching a tomato to check if it is fresh.

Giving birth is an incredible experience. It can also be quite stressful for mum and traumatic for baby. If you think about it, it makes sense.

After being warmly snuggled up in utero for nine months, baby enters the outside world and is exposed to a strange, new environment. Even during normal births there is compression and stretching of baby’s delicate spine.

There may have been intervention during the labour such as epidural, induction, forceps, vacuum extraction, c-section to name a few.

Mother and baby will be happier if baby is healthy

Your baby

Did you know that immediately after conception it takes 24 days for the baby’s heart to develop, after 36 days the eyes begin to develop, yet after only seven hours the nervous system starts developing.

This highlights how important your nervous system is to your health.

Baby’s health

As a parent it can difficult to detect development issues as your baby can’t talk to you. At Passion Chiropractic in Elwood we are well trained to detect interferences to your baby’s nervous system and apply gentle, delicate treatments to give them the best start in life.